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The I.M.S.S.E.A. has identified the following areas where its mission can be implemented.
  • Technical Aspects of Flag State implementation,
  • Safety of Navigation,
  • Protection of the Marine Environment,
  • Security of ships and Port Facilities,
In addition the I.M.S.S.E.A. is finalising a memorandum of understanding with I.H.O. in order to develop and conduct hydrographic surveying nautical cartography and marine safety information courses.
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Implementation by Flag and Port States of Chapter XI/2 of SOLAS Convention and the ISPS Code

control on a merchant ship
Scope This course is designed for decision makers within the administration and aims at giving a sound knowledge about procedures and methods achieving the application of the ISPS code related requirements.
The course lays also emphasis on the difficulties encountered by States in implementing the specific tasks and responsibilities provided by the ISPS code and the relevant solutions.
Objective Those who successfully completed the course will receive a comprehensive grounding in maritime security planning and a thorough understanding of the current threats including those related to piracy.
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Marine Accident Investigation Procedures

Marine Accident and Casualty Investigation
Scope Intensive course designed to give a solid background in the many components of the Flag State obligations regarding reporting and investigating marine accidents. These facets include a broad overview of the provision for the ordering, notification and conduct of investigations. Taking in due account IMO guidelines and Codes, the programme of this course sets out the purpose and methodology of investigations; define marine accident and lay down the existing requirement for reporting.
Objective Those successfully completing the course will enhance the capability of flag state investigators to organize and conduct investigations into marine accidents and incidents in accordance with generally accepted practice.
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